Operation Transformation



Sign up now to join in and make 2018 your Transformation year! Just pick a leader and you’ll be signed up to a group!

For any questions please email thehub@socs.nuigalway.ie

Meeting times This week

Wednesday Feb 14th 12.30pm kingfisher Main Hall

Thursday Feb 15th  1.10pm in the Stage in Aras na Mac Leinn

Thursday Feb 15th 5.00pm in the meeting rooms

Friday 16th at 8.30am in the Cube Aras na Mac Leinn

Meet Our Leaders

Riona Hughes – Following Felicity

Meeting Time; 12:20pm Wednesdays in The Space, Aras na Mac Leinn followed by a walk with the 8K Walking Group at 1pm at The Kingfisher.

I am the Societies Officer in NUI Galway. I live a hectic life and sometimes forget to look after myself and eat properly and make time for exercise. Currently I need to get fitter and lose about 4/5 stone. This is all about getting more energy, sleeping better and staying healthy. The Operation Transformation leader I am going to follow is Felicity. Sign up with me, with Operation Transformation, and together we can transform ourselves.

My meet up is on Wednesdays at 12.20pm in the Space in Aras na Mac Leinn where we can do a weigh-in and swap tips and recipes and support each other on our journey. This will be followed by joining the walking group at the Kingfisher (optional) at 1pm in preparation for the NUI Galway 8k in March. Our first meeting is Wednesday 7th of February but whenever you join you can start at week 1 for your operation transformation.

JJ Fenez – Following Sarah 

Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5pm in the Meeting Rooms in Aras na Mac Leinn follwed by a dance class.

I am a member of the Societies Office and I facilitate the new Student Kitchen in the HUB. I have always been a bit of a chunky monkey and I don’t always make the best choices. My goals are not necessarily to lose a specific amount of weight, but I am hoping to get fit and educate myself on developing a healthier lifestyle. I am looking forward to Operation Transformation and I am following Sarah on my OT journey. I want to make this journey as fun and informative as possible! I am working towards being able to climb Croagh Patrick on March 11th and hope everyone will join me on our proverbial (and quite literal) climb to the top of our own mountains… and Croagh Patrick!

My group will meet Thursday’s at 5pm for our weekly weigh-ins and a quick dance party to get our heart rates up and our waistline’s down! Start your journey with me February 1st! This process is about celebrating success, learning from our hiccups and working as a team to achieve our goals.

Eugene O’Flaherty –  Following David

Meeting Time: Thursday 1.10pm – 1.50pm in the Cube, Aras na Mac Leinn

My name’s Eugene. I am a second year undergraduate studying Archaeology and Celtic Civilization. Aside from my studies, I’m honored to be the part-time Mature Students Officer in the Students’ Union.
I literally have never watched my calorie intake, eating pretty much what I felt like when I felt like it. At my age, 42, ( the answer to life, death , the universe and everything in it) the carefree attitude is starting to show and I need to remember that my metabolism is not what it used to be. I will be shadowing David on Operation Transformation. My goal is to lose at least 2 stone before the semester ends and to kick on and lose another 2 stone over the summer. And hopefully get a bit fitter along the way. Looking forward to transforming with you!!!!
My meeting time is 1.10pm – 1.50pm on Thursday’s in the Cube in Aras na Mac Leinn. Join me and my team and lets be a fit team!

John Hannon – Following Wayne

Meeting Time: 8.30am – 9.15pm in the Cube, Aras na Mac Leinn

As Director of Student Services I juggle a busy scheduel with lots of meetings.  I see this as a great opportunity to get active and feel better.  My tendency to graze on the move is my downfall. Join me on Friday Mornings for group support and together we can make positive changes.

Angela Walsh – Following Mary

Meeting Time: 1.10pm in the Cube, Aras na Mac Leinn

I work full-time with Student Services and have two children so life is always very busy with constant demands.  My worst habit is mindless eating. I  want to change this and am looking forward to meeting like minded people who want to transform their relationship with food and take up some excersise.

My meeting time is 1.10pm – 1.50pm on Thursday’s in the Cube in Aras na Mac Leinn. Join me and Eugene and together we can all work towards our transformations.