Book the Kitchen

Book the Kitchen

The kitchen is available for booking:

When booking the kitchen, it is important to be aware that you book ONE hob and ONE oven. Outside of opening hours, you have full use of the kitchen, but when it’s open to the public, please be mindful that it is a communal space.

Here are some important rules to adhere to when using the kitchen:

  • Those who put their name to the booking for society events will be held accountable for ensuring the kitchen is left clean and tidy after you finish using it
  • There is a strict NO ALCOHOL policy in The HUB (including in the Kitchen). Those in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave immediately
  • Do not takeover the counter tops, other people need room to use it too
  • Keep your bags and personal belongings OUTSIDE of the kitchen as they are a health and safety hazard when left lying on the floor or counters
  • DO NOT SIT on the counter tops or bring furniture into the kitchen to eat there. There is ample room in The HUB to sit down
  • Any food/drink/ingredients left on counters after use WILL BE given away or left for others to use
  • If you don’t label your food and fill in the fridge/freezer log, your food WILL BE THROWN OUT, or given away
  • Wash and put away anything that you use
  • Do not remove cutlery, plates, cups etc. from The HUB.

To book the kitchen, click HERE to be redirected to the Societies Room Booking System (scroll to the right to find us!)