As we approach exam season it is important to take care of your physical and mental health. Results and study is important but your health is the priority so ensure you get plenty of rest, eat and drink water regularly and try to avoid sugary foods to avoid crashing in the middle of study!


If you feel overwhelmed with the pressure from exams don’t hesitate to contact the NUIG counselling services. They can provide excellent support through the stress of exams. The office is located at 5 Distillary Road, Newcastle and can be emailed at:  counselling@nuigalway.ie

Good luck with study week!


The Hub Team

Almost Holiday Time!!

Wow! Can you believe it’s already week 10? I don’t want to think about how close we are to exams. But I will think about how close we are to Easter Holidays (2 days, 6 hours, and 13 minutes… but who’s counting?) I’m personally headed to Germany for a week of fun, and pretzels! Are you doing anything exciting? Leave it in the comments below…

If you’re sticking around Galway, be sure to check out the Wes Anderson retrospective in the new Palas Cinema. I am a huge fan of his films and they are showing all of them, in order, from the 22nd to the 29th in anticipation of the release of his new film, Isle of Dogs. I think I’m most excited to see The Royal Tenenbaums (everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family) on the big screen but I might try to catch The Darjeeling Limited as well. Check out the full listings here. And here’s a trailer for the new film:

Check out This Is Galway for all sorts of activities to keep you busy over the break. Have fun and maybe I’ll see you at the cinema 🙂


St. Patrick’s Day Week!

Howdy y’all! This week feels like it’s lasting about a hundred years, but I think it’s because there is so much to look forward to this weekend. Saturday is the best holiday of the year, Paddy’s Day! I think I’ve been looking forward to it since last year.

Here’s a leprechaun doing a jig, to haunt your dreams.

Anyway! The parade lineup this year is looking great! Find a list of all of the participants here. It starts at 11:30am and will end sometime around 1pm. My fingers are crossed that we have good weather this year to make up for the deluge last year (although it did not stop me from watching the parade in full). Here’s the parade route:

I watched from Eyre Square last year, and it was a great place to see everything! Plus, there’s a stage set up at the square and a carousel for the kiddos.

On Sunday there is a Charity Cycle that takes place in the city with the Coke Zero bikes. This is a family friendly event and promises to be a lot of fun.

Okay people. Most importantly, be safe. Stick with your friends and please drink responsibly (if you choose to do so).


Hey Folks!

Can you believe that it’s week 9?! I most certainly can’t. Time to put my head down… But there is definitely still time to attend all the events happening on campus this week!

Kick off the second week of Seachtain na Gaeilge with Biongó i nGaeilge (Bingo) with Cumann Gaelach in Sult at 8pm this Monday. It’s sure to be a great way to remember some of that Leaving Cert Irish and chat to some new people. Go néirigh an t-ádh leat!

Circus Soc are doing a great event this week. On Thursday at 6 in the Bailey Allen they will be doing a Silly Games Workshop with the Amazing Circus veteran Blue Hanley! It’s a great chance to not take yourself too seriously and have some fun with circus props.

Something else that looks like a bit of craic is Comedy Soc’s event. An evening of laughs to raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind who support people who are vision impaired and families of children with autism by providing life-changing services. Tickets are €5 for students & €10 for non-students. Proceeds to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Monday Corrib Room of Sult. Doors 7:30pm/Show 8pm.

Come on, do it for the dogs!


So as you can see there’s plenty to be doing so get yourself to any of the fun events happening on campus this week!

Mise le Meas,




Blow the dust off your walking shoes!!

Happy Friday guys!

This weekend as the weather starts to improve and the evenings get brighter, now is a great time to ditch the woolly gloves and hats and start venturing outside for some light exercise. If you’re like us here at The Hub and you ate your weight in sweets and snacks over the snow days then it may be a great time to make the most of the turn in the weather to get some fresh air and burn off some of the snacks we all consumed last week!



If you have a smart phone you can download a step tracker app which is a great way to track your activity during the day and you can track alongside The Hub as we are trying to hit 10,000 steps daily each. Start your weekend off the right way!

The Hub Gang

Hump Day!

MikeMikeMikeMikeMike guess what day it is?? HUMP Day!

I’m aware that this joke isn’t that well known in Ireland. So watch the video here… I personally find it hilarious.

Did everyone have a great snow weekend? I sure did. As a Texan, snow is a complete novelty and I really enjoyed playing in it with the dog and throwing some snowballs. It has not been easy getting back into the swing of things this week, but we have some fun things coming up in The Hub to make it easier.

Join the Baking Society tonight (7 March) from 6:30 to 8pm in The Hub kitchen for baking classes! Bring your apron and an appetite and learn how to make cookies. This is the first of a series of 3 classes (brownies and cupcakes are next up). Pay for your spot at the SocsBox. One class costs €3 and all three only cost €5! Check out the BakingSoc Facebook page for more info.

Tomorrow (8 March) is the 3rd Mystery Meal Challenge in The Hub. Watch the excitement as a student chef goes up against a campus chef with a bag of mystery ingredients (thanks, Lidl!) and vote for your favorite. The competition begins at 4pm and the tasting begins around 5pm. Hope to see you there!

We have a new Crafting Corner on Fridays in The Hub. Grab a cup of tea, sit and knit or crochet (or sew or scrapbook) and get to know some fellow students and members of the wider community. Bring your own project or use the supplies we have. Hope to see ya there!

And, as always, Niall will be in The Hub from 5pm to 8pm on Friday for TGIF, and from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday for Global Lounge. There are always good eats and good times to be had.

That’s it for me! Enjoy your week and weekend and be sure to stop by and say hey.



Top Tips Tuesday! Tips for Staying Warm

As a Canadian, I am no stranger to the cold weather. Thankfully the weather right now is a dry cold and lets hope it stays that way!

Although it would be wonderful to just stay in bed and watch Netflix during this chilly spell, most of us have daily duties that pull us out from under the covers.

If you find yourself outside follow these few tips to keep yourself warm, happy and healthy during this unusually chilly week.


The Canadian’s Guide to Staying Warm

Cover Up! 

Make sure you dress appropriately to avoid getting frostbite! Also, layers are your friend!

Cover your head and feet properly to avoid losing body heat.

Drink warm liquids

  • Keep your inside warm to keep your outside warm! Drink plenty of warm liquids whether it be hot tea or just hot water with lemon.

Limit exposure

  • This one may be the hardest but try and limit the amount of time you spend outside.

Don’t Lick a Lamp Post

  • This one may seem like common sense but avoid the urge to lick metal in below freezing temperatures; your tongue will stick and it is not fun peeling it off!

Wash your dishes with hot, soapy water

  • Washing your dishes from the kitchen in hot, soapy water will make you instantly warm from the inside out!

Stay Warm!



Looking for something to do this weekend?

Hey Everybody,

As Friday draws closer, so the plans for the weekend intensify! If you’re not hooked on the Winter Olympics and are looking for something to do this weekend, here are a few of the things going on around campus and in town over the weekend (and the coming weeks) that might be of interest.

⇒ The SU Charity Croagh Patrick Climb takes place this Saturday, February 17th in conjunction with NUI Galway Mountaineering Club. Fingers crossed for some decent weather for you guys!!

⇒ Irish Singer-Songwriter Ryan Sheridan will be performing Live @ The Lounge, in McGettigan’s off Eyre Square on Saturday 17th February. Regular tickets are a respectable €15 (limited availability of early bird tickets are only €10!) and are available at the door & on Eventbrite.ie.

⇒ Vintage clothing sales are always a fan favourite for students, so don’t miss out on Tola Vintage Kilo sale that’s taking place this Sunday, February 18th in The Galmont Hotel & Spa (formerly The Radisson Blu) Lough Atalia Road. With a €1 entry, simply find what you want, have it weighed and get a kilo (kg) of clothes for €20. Not to be missed for vintage fans!

⇒ As always, I will be running T.G.I. Friday (5-8pm) and The Global Lounge (Saturday 12-3pm) over the weekend. They will be taking place in The Hub, Aras na Mac Leinn. These are relaxed, fun, student-led events with copious amounts of food, snacks (both healthy and not so healthy!) for anybody around campus over the weekend that wants to meet new people, take a break from studying or just have a chat over a tea/coffee!

⇒ Although not this weekend, the JobsExpo returns to Galway on Saturday 24th of February in the Galmont Hotel & Spa (formerly The Radisson Blu) Lough Atalia Road. It runs from 10 am until 4 pm, and it will feature hundreds of active job opportunities at home and abroad. And the best part?? No entrance fee!

Hopefully, these will give you some options for things to do this weekend!

Have fun & be safe,

Niall – Community Connector

Mental Health and Wellbeing in NUI Galway

For this week’s blog I decided to write about a topic I am currently studying via Seas Suas training programme held here on campus. It is aimed at encouraging pupils to be proactive in helping fellow students who may be in need of help and to develop skills to respond safely in challenging situations.

Our first of two session took place in Áras Moyola last Tuesday (6th February) where we were introduced to Ben Hughes, Project Leader for Seas Suas who spoke to us about the objectives of the course that I briefly mentioned above. He then introduced us to Mr. Martin Rogan, CEO of Mental Health Ireland. Mr. Rogan who has worked in the field for over thirty years was very informative and I would like to share a few things he mentioned.  

Mental and Emotional health is all about balancing the following:

  • Your relationship with yourself (Be kind to yourself!)
  • Your relationship with others and
  • Coping with life’s demands

‘Top Tip’ for students who are finding it difficult studying and keeping focused during the semester is to make sure the following vitamins and minerals are included in your diet:

  • Vitamin C, D and all the B Complex
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3

Checklists – For those of you who find responsibilities or tasks overwhelming, keep a checklist. Checklists are a great tool for reinforcing a step-by-step approach that helps gain focus and productivity while also releasing head space (overcrowding of thoughts in your mind).

Reflect Everyday – By reflecting for up to 15 minutes daily will allow you to fall asleep more easily as you have already let the thoughts of the day flow in and out of your mind.

Stay connected – Staying connecting with friends and family around you and sustaining your support network.

Engage – Stay engaged and responsive if people are trying to help you. They care about you and wouldn’t be trying to help otherwise. Appreciate those that to try to help.

Exercise – By exercising we release endorphins or the happy hormone. A brisk 20-minute walk 3 times a week is a great start to a healthy habit and a healthy mind.

There are more factors relating to good mental health and I have only touched on a few of those for my blog.

Come back next week when I will be updating you all on my second session of training with Seas Suas and what I have learnt!

Have a great weekend everyone and should anyone feel they need help with any mental health issue, please feel free to talk to one of the WELL crew here at The Hub who will be more than happy to guide you to all the amazing services to be found on campus.

Happy Mental Health to you all!


Megan’s Event Picks for Week 5

Hey Y’all!

Can you believe we’re already in week 5?! I can’t. This semester is absolutely flying by, and there are tons of events on this week.

I’m still not entirely sure what Pancake Tuesday is all about, but I am pro-pancakes, so it can’t be that bad… (I actually think it’s similar to what we call Fat Tuesday in the Southern US). Anyway, the French Soc and Baking Soc are teaming up to provide pancakes in The Hub this Tuesday from 11-12. Wear your beads to be extra festive.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. However, I am a fan of parties and the International Student Society is hosting a “traffic light” party on Wednesday at Busker Browne’s from 8pm – 11pm. It promises to be an exciting night with plenty of mingling. Remember to wear red, yellow, or green!

Fancy a cheap trip to the cinema? Join the Mature Students on Thursday to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard amazing things (plus, it stars Woody Harrelson, who happens to be one of my favorite actors). Buy your tickets from the SocsBox this week and meet in Sult around 4:45pm to head to the theater together.

Finally, don’t forget about TGI Friday and Global Lounge in The Hub with Niall, the Community Connector. Friday nights in The Hub from 5-8 and Saturdays from 12-3pm. There are always an abundance of snacks and lots of fun to be had.

Have a great week everyone (and try to stay warm)! Don’t hesitate to say hello when you pop in The Hub for a cup of tea.

Until next time,