Cooking with Siobhán

As part of ‘Wellness Wednesday’ the Well Crew along with Siobhán Joyce from ‘Bowl – A – Granola’ have begun cooking demonstrations in The HUB. These demonstrations are designed to be healthy and affordable for everyone. They have been taking place each Wednesday from 10 -12 p.m. Week 1 saw all participants ‘learn to love lentils’ and in Week 2 we saw how easy it is to ‘transform our leftovers’ into nutritious, easy and affordable meals.

Cooking has been well- know for its therapeutic benefits and what can be more relaxing than preparing food for everyone to enjoy? It can be a mechanism of escape from any other thoughts that you may be experiencing and it can also be a bonding session to cook a meal with others.

Cooking can help us learn about the basics of budgeting for ingredients, as well as responsibility, like knowing how long to bake the bread in the over for. Cooking is an experience that can be fun for all age groups, while being rewarded with a completed meal made from scratch. The aroma of a home cooked meal throughout the house is something to also enjoy!

These cooking demonstrations enable students to develop skills needed to engage and teach housemates, friends or family members about ways to achieve better health through cooking healthful foods.

We decided on cooking demonstrations as they are a unique and effective way to teach nutritional concepts and basic cooking skills in a group setting. Participants at the sessions have found them to be beneficial for as they help improve confidence in the kitchen, cooking skills development, and the promotion of healthier foods into their diet.

Make sure to drop by once we return where you can avail of free samples (yes I said FREE) and pick up a copy of our weekly recipe booklet!

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