Social Isolation

Social distancing doesn’t have to doom your days.

Covid-19 is upending our way of life and social distancing has become essential. That means we should limit our contact with people and avoid groups. But social distancing doesn’t mean your days are doomed. We all just have to get a little creative.

Check out some ideas below of how to use some of your free time:

1. Read everything– You always say you’ll find the time to read more. Now is that time. Libraries closed and you don’t feel comfortable in the bookstore, well download a bunch of e-books and audio-books instead

2. Take a virtual museum tour– Want to explore overseas? Google Arts & Culture has a collection of virtual walk-throughs for dozens of international museums, from Paris to New Delhi.

3. Learn a language or just the basics – Learning a few phrases in another tongue will make you feel smart. Don’t know Spanish, Swahili or Xhosa yet? Get studying.

4. Get Active– Yes, you can still exercise (as long as you keep your distance from others). Keep your immune system strong and clear your mind.

5. Make that recipe- It’s been sitting among your bookmarked web pages for weeks. It’s a challenge. It’ll test you. But it’ll taste damn good! (Need some ideas, check out our recipe section)

6. Nap- Why not?

7. Video chat/ Face Time a lot –  If you are alone, you don’t need to feel alone. Use your time to video call the people you love.

8. Get handy- If something needs fixing around the house, whip out your toolkit and get to work.

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