Fight those January blues with these healthy cues

Following a hectic and fun festive season, many people feel the need to commit to a series of new year’s resolutions regarding their lifestyle, as January signifies a new year and new semester. Huge lifestyle overhauls in relation to diet and exercise in the first few weeks following Christmas may add to these aptly called ‘January blues’. However, instead of completely changing your diet and paying a lot of money for various exercise classes, which realistically cannot be kept up with, why not challenge yourself to daily health and wellbeing goals to trial healthier behaviours. A more practical way to improve your health gradually and to sustain it overtime. The month and year are long enough without beating yourself up over keeping to unmanageable new year’s resolutions. This year, a lot of people are trying to become more sustainable, with many wishing to make their diet more plant-based. However, instead of removing meat completely from your diet this month, why not try a few meat free meals throughout the week or even meat free days to ease yourself into it. This makes the transition easier and allows you to face the challenges of this change and figure out can you overcome them.

The Well Crew have designed a three-week January Challenge with simple daily goals for nutrition, physical activity and mental health to try to find out if they can be included into everyday life. These include:

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