Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Hello all and congratulations, you’ve made it through week two!

If you’re sticking around Galway this weekend and looking for something fun and inexpensive to get out and do, you’ve come to the right place! There is always so much going on in Galway and if you’re like me, somehow you always just miss it because you were misinformed. One website I love to check regularly for current and upcoming events in the area so I don’t end up missing out is https://thisisgalway.ie/events/. They offer an array of different kinds of things to tag along to and get out! I’ll attach what they have listed for this weekend, but  I also want to add the weather is saying Sunday will be sunny (fingers crossed and knock on wood), but that may be a great opportunity to take a long walk out to Salthill with a friend or just a coffee and enjoy the happy views. Have a wonderful weekend and we’d still love to see your smiling face here at the Hub Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 2-5.

FRIDAY 25/1:

Negative Creeps, Nirvana Tribute Band 23:30 at Monroe’s (€12)

MOVE with John Daly 23:00 at Electric Garden & Theatre (€5)

Subtitle: Spotlight European Film Festival 18:30 and all weekend at Town Hall Theatre (various pricing)

SIVE 20:00 Friday and Saturday at An Taibhdhearc ( €15.50)


Astrofest Galway 09:00 at Harbour Hotel (from €15)

FAMILY w/ Marion Hawkes, Paul Belton, & Hard Candy 23:00 at Electric (€10)

SUNDAY 27/1:

John Conneely Inc. 23:00 at Roisin Dubh (€6)

Riff Raff Comedy Night 20:00 at Black Gate Cultural Centre (Price TBA)

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