Upcoming Events Week 12:

Upcoming Events Week 12:

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As the final week of lectures finish up and we all get down to studying hard, don’t forget to enjoy yourself every once in a while at our upcoming events! As per usual for a full list of everything that’s happening check out the socs calendar at https://socs.nuigalway.ie/calendar.php




Time Lord Soc Games night – The time lords are back! Who could have seen that coming? The weekly Doctor Who themed game night is back in The Small Acoustic Room in Aras na Mac Leinn @ 19:00


Music Soc Open Mic – Come one, come all! Test your singing skills or just be the center of attention for a bit in Sult @ 21:00




The Hub Bake Sale – Are you a fan of brownies, cookies, and cakes? Of course you are! Come on down to our bake sale to help our Hub keep running. Everything is free, but feel free to donate what you can. Be there or be square, at the Hub from 1:30 – 4:00


Trad Soc Session – If you’re a fan of traditional Irish music, or just want to explore the culture some more then a trad session is a must. If you have an instrument or even just a voice, come on down to the Crane Bar @ 21:30




Compsoc Web Development Workshop – Computer whizzes and n00bs are all welcome to learn a new skill and create something completely your own. If this is something that your interested in then be at IT 203 @18:00


Med Soc Yoga – Does a yoga a day keep the doctor away? Well come on down and get a professional opinion in The View in Aras na Mac Leinn @ 18:00



Photography Soc- Come on down to the Art room in Aras an Mac Leinn @16.00 to enhance your knowledge and skills in photography, take a picture it will last longer!

Rock soc– Interested in a jamming session? Come on down and join rock soc in the small acoustic room in the Aras an Mac Leinn @19.00 where drums, amps and mics are provided!



Comp soc- Come down for a programming and problem solving session, where you can practice for technical interviews and interact with other computer science students! @14.00 DISC Room 205 IT Building

sign up with this link: https://goo.gl/forms/4hyZGmCwGmwzYaLj2

TGI Friday at the Hub- Head down to our very own Hub where we start off the weekend with a bang! , there will be snacks, games and great tunes! Including our Freestyle Fridays where you’re able to request songs, so come on down and socialize!



Global Lounge- Head down to the Hub for a nice relaxed Saturday where there will be food fun and conversation and a great opportunity to interact with others!!


Finbar & Daria 🙂

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