How to Stay Fit in College (Without Even Knowing It!)


There’s always such a stigma surrounding the whole topic of fitness, which, honestly, is the most soul-destroying things for me to see. Often, people link fitness to calorie counting, losing weight, dieting and other ‘negative’ correlations. This is utterly not the case! Extracting myself out of this mindset was honestly one of the best things that has happened to me.

Fitness is about being healthy and happy in our own skin. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or issue. Although, fitness is a very important topic in our own lives, it should not consume the way we think. There are so many ways in which fitness can be integrated in to our lives, without having the negative connotation of having to go to the gym, or eating salads for lunch. There is a magnitude of ways of staying fit without even knowing it. So, buckle up kids, and learn the art of being subconsciously healthy through this list of tips and tricks!

  1. Take the stairs instead of a lift or an elevator – you could even make it more fun by varying the way you take them such as frog jumping down the steps or lunging upwards!
  2. If you’re anything like me and have a dangerous obsession with tea and coffee, you could perform a mini workout such as squats or crunches while the kettle is boiling.
  3. Similar to the last tip, a mini workout for a portion of your study break is a handy way to keep active.
  4. Plan your meals for the week – not only does this discourage you from impulsively buying unhealthy food, it can help you save a bit of moolah!
  5. Chew slowly and try not to multitask while eating such as scrolling through social media – this allows your body to truly recognise when you are full.
  6. Be conscious of the calories and sugar you drink such as alcohol and juices.
  7. Using a smaller plate tricks your body into thinking that you are not having a smaller portion.
  8. Try to reduce stress by taking some time out for yourself every day.
  9. Drink water – often, our bodies confuse thirst with hunger and only craves a drop of water!
  10. Most importantly – sleep, sleep, sleep. As college students, we exhaust our brains and a sufficient time asleep is one the healthiest tasks you can perform.


The first step is acknowledging the fact that we only have the one body for the rest of our lives, so we might as well take care of it!

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Stay beautiful, stay smiling,





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