Top Tips Tuesday! Tips for Staying Warm

As a Canadian, I am no stranger to the cold weather. Thankfully the weather right now is a dry cold and lets hope it stays that way!

Although it would be wonderful to just stay in bed and watch Netflix during this chilly spell, most of us have daily duties that pull us out from under the covers.

If you find yourself outside follow these few tips to keep yourself warm, happy and healthy during this unusually chilly week.


The Canadian’s Guide to Staying Warm

Cover Up! 

Make sure you dress appropriately to avoid getting frostbite! Also, layers are your friend!

Cover your head and feet properly to avoid losing body heat.

Drink warm liquids

  • Keep your inside warm to keep your outside warm! Drink plenty of warm liquids whether it be hot tea or just hot water with lemon.

Limit exposure

  • This one may be the hardest but try and limit the amount of time you spend outside.

Don’t Lick a Lamp Post

  • This one may seem like common sense but avoid the urge to lick metal in below freezing temperatures; your tongue will stick and it is not fun peeling it off!

Wash your dishes with hot, soapy water

  • Washing your dishes from the kitchen in hot, soapy water will make you instantly warm from the inside out!

Stay Warm!



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