JJ’s Top Tips for Kitchen Cleanliness

JJ’s Top Tips for Kitchen Cleanliness

One of the number one comments I hear when people enter the Kitchen in the HUB is “wow, it’s so clean”. The second most common comment is “this kitchen is so great, I love the free tea”.

The new student kitchen has now been open for nearly two months and every day there are new people discovering its potential. The kitchen is YOUR kitchen, a space where you can let your gastronomical imagination run wild. However, the kitchen is also a common area shared by many and requires respect from all of its users. This is why I have created my top 10 tips for Kitchen Cleanliness. These small acts will keep the kitchen clean and tidy and will go a long way to showing respect for the space.

JJ’s Top 10 Tips for Kitchen Cleanlines

  1. Wash your dishes with hot soapy water, dry them and put them away so that they are clean for others to use
  2. Rinse the sponges when you are done so bacteria doesn’t grow.
  3. Use the provided sponge cloth to wipe the counter; NOT the drying towel
  4. Use baking paper/ parchment on baking trays to reduce clean up
  5. Throw away your tea bags, empty sugar packets and stir sticks in the bin
  6. Use kitchen roll and surface spray if you if have a spill
  7. Use the microwave cover to prevent splatter, if it happens, use the surface spray and wipe right away to avoid food sticking
  8. Keep your personal belongings off the countertops so that there is space for everyone and so that germs don’t spread to the counters.
  9. Wipe out the oven when you are done, if there are crumbs or spills. This prevents burnt food from sticking and won’t affect the taste of other’s cooking
  10. Use the kitchen to get creativve with food and try healthy new recipes but remember that this is a shared space, it’s your kitchen, so we all have to work together to keep it clean and tidy!  




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